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A handle that is used to communicate with config files. The handle can represent either the whole config file (which can be saved or loaded into a disc file), or one class within it.

The syntax and behavior of configs has slightly changed since 3.6

Previously, a returned config would return configFileName/configProperty, but since 3.6 this is preceded by bin\config.cpp/.

Comparisons with empty/non-existent configs have also changed.
Before 3.6, a comparison with an empty config would return true, since V3.6 it will return false.

The examples below assume the "dummy*" configs to be non-existent, and the missionConfigFile and campaignConfigFile to be empty.

  • (configFile>>"dummy1")==(configFile>>"dummy2"), or missionConfigFile == campaignConfigFile
    Before 3.6: true, since 3.6: false
  • (configFile>>"cfgpatches">>"")==inheritsFrom (configFile>>"cfgpatches" select 0)
    Before 3.6: true, since 3.6: false
  • str configFile
    Before 3.6: "", since 3.6: "bin\config.cpp"
  • str (configFile>>"dummy1"), or str missionConfigFile
    Before 3.6: "", since 3.6: ""
  • str ((configFile>>"cfgpatches") select 0)
    Before 3.6: "CfgPatches/access", since 3.6: "bin\config.cpp/CfgPatches/access"

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