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Standard VBS config files

VBS comes with several basic config files:

  • CfgVehicles: Objects
  • CfgWeapons: Weapons
  • CfgMagazines: Magazines
  • CfgAmmo: Ammo
  • CfgWorlds: Maps
  • CfgPatches: Additions Identifiers

To evaluate a config entry, the following syntax is used:



  • [configClass] is one of the above listed classes (e.g. "CfgVehicles"),
  • [objectClass] is the class name of the object inquired about (e.g."vbs2_cone"), and
  • [property] is the property read (e.g. "displayName).

Depending on the type of data returned, the appropriate get* command has to be used (getArray, getNumber, getText or getValue).

For the above example (which returns a string), the full command would look like this:

hint getText (configFile>>"CfgVehicles">>"vbs2_cone">>"displayName")

For information on custom configs, see Category VBS Command Group Configs Custom.