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Description:Starts a camera that can be controlled via the keyboard.

Listed are the default key assignments. To change the assignment, look up the respective action (in square brackets) in the Controls menu (e.g. Options->Controls->Buldozer controls).


  • W: move forward [Buldozer move forward]
  • S: move backward [Buldozer move back]
  • A: move left [Buldozer move left]
  • D: move right [Buldozer right]
  • Q: move up [Helicopter increase thrust]
  • Z: move down [Helicopter decrease thrust]
  • Del: toggle floating mode (transition speed between movement changes)
  • Shift+Movement key: faster camera movement


  • +/- (NumPad): zoom in/out
  • 8: tilt upward [Buldozer look up]
  • 2: tilt downward [Buldozer look down]
  • 4: rotate left [Buldozer look left]
  • 6: rotate right [Buldozer look right]
  • Spacebar: target object or position nearest to crosshair [Toggle weapons]; also / (NumPad)
    • Targeted position is indicated with a yellow crosshair box.
    • Targeted object is indicated with a red crosshair box.
    • Moving objects will be tracked by camera.
    • Once a target is active, the move left/right keys (A & D) will rotate the camera around the target
    • Pressing any camera movement key will cancel object/ground tracking


  • G: toggles a green-tinted grid overlay (V3.3+)
  • H: toggles a hint box (for new camera options), shown in the upper left corner (V3.3+)
  • I: toggle letterbox mode (V3.3+)
  • L: toggle crosshair (and tracked target box) [Camera crosshair on/off] (has no effect in V1.40)
  • M: brings up the map, with further functions (V3.3+)
  • V: close camera (or right mouse button) (Always "V" in Version 1.x, in 2.x and higher it is whatever key is assigned to the "Toggle Optics" control; "V" by default.)

The current camera position/settings can be retrieved by pressing the fire button.
This will paste information like the one below into the clipboard (which can be copied into a script via <Ctrl>-V), and into the file clipboard.txt in the application folder (%localappdata%\VBS2).
This data can then be used in your own camera script.

;=== 11:53:52
_camera camPrepareTarget [2616.71,2530.47,0.00]
_camera camPreparePos [2524.14,2515.19,6.18]
_camera camPrepareFOV 0.700
_camera camCommitPrepared 0
@camCommitted _camera


Syntax:vehicle exec "camera.sqs"
  • vehicle: Object - Camera will start out at the location of this object (camera is not attached to this object!)
Return Value:Nothing


player exec "camera.sqs"

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