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Description: Updates a view or view group. The function needs to run directly on an IG instance, since you cannot specify the view ID when calling the command.
Note: Must have an IG View Object in the scenario to see effects.


Syntax: [groupID, [left, right, top, bottom], [x, y, z],[roll, pitch, yaw]] call IG_UpdateCamera
  • groupID: Number - The ID of the camera group you are updating. This value can be zero to indicate the camera does not belong to a group.
  • left: Number - The left frustum.
  • right: Number - The right frustum.
  • top: Number - The top frustum.
  • bottom: Number - The bottom frustum.
  • x: Number - The X position offset of the camera.
  • y: Number - The Y position offset of the camera.
  • z: Number - The Z position offset of the camera.
  • roll: Number - The roll of the camera.
  • pitch: Number - The pitch of the camera.
  • yaw: Number - The yaw of the camera.
Return Value: Nothing


[1, [-25,25,-15,15], [0,0,0], [0,0,0]] call IG_UpdateCamera;

Additional Information

See also: Gateway ViewAttachGroup, Gateway ViewClearGroup, Gateway ViewGet, Gateway ViewModify, Gateway ViewRemove