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A location is like an extended type of marker (introduced in ArmA 1.08).

  • Locations have a name, a side, a Position3D, a 2D area, and an orientation.
  • They have a non-scaling map representation (icon and/or text, depending on class).
  • They require a class definition to define basic properties that can be changed using script commands. Classes are defined in bin\Config.bin\CfgLocationTypes
  • They can be attached to objects, with all of the location's relevant properties inherited from the object
  • They can use setVariable and getVariable.
  • Locations are local in MP, their properties are not synchronized
  • Existing locations are set in an islands .pew file. When the island is exported to .wrp the islandname.hpp is also produced - this contains the location names used in the .pew file. This .hpp is then incorporated into the config for the island using an .23include statement.
    This section included in the island config ensures any locations set in the .pew file are included the island during packing.
  • A terrain's config can not be changed using the location script commands, but they can be found and read. This provides a single command method of finding nearby high points, towns, etc.

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