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Paraiso, capital of South Sahrani

Sahrani is a fictional map, originally developed for Bohemia Interactive's Armed Assault, and ported to VBS2.

It has tropical/Mediterranean-like vegetation in Southern part and European style in Northern part.

Technical Information

  • The extension for missions using this map is: Sara
  • The map's origin is set to [400000,0,24,"N"]
  • The map's central coordinates are: 39.64070 N, 40.01162 W (placing it in the North Atlantic Ocean)
  • The map is 400km2 in size in total, of which about 100km2 is covered by land.
  • Airfields are available at:
    • Paraiso-International: 098.896, 09/27, 1.200m, Concrete, assignToAirport: 0
    • Rahmadi-Airfield: 025.822, 18/36, 640m, Grass, 1
    • Pita-Airfield: 190.937, 14/32, 930m, Grass, 2
    • Antigua-Airfield: 180.979, 18/36, 980m, Dirt, 3


High-resolution picture of Sahrani
Fictional Google Earth picture of Sahrani
Picture of Sahrani posted by William
Sahrani topographic map, sampled by TomNedry