A string is a Data Type that can contain text.


A string may consist of any number of ASCII characters and is enclosed by single or double-quotes.


_string = "here is my string";
_string2 = 'It may contain a lot of characters #@$';

If you want to include double quotes (") in strings enclosed by double quotes, the inside double quotes have to be written twice.

_string = "my string ""with"" quotes"
_string2 = 'my other string "with" quotes'


The only basic operator to be used on strings is "plus". You can use "plus" to concatenate two strings.

_string = "Hello " + "world"


You can convert any type to a string using the command format or str. You can also use that command to build together a string out of different elements. See the documentation of format for a closer description.

_string = format ["%1", ["my","array","of","strings"]]
hint _string

=> ["my","array","of","strings"]