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Description:Returns general information about a UPRStartRecording and UPRSaveRecording UPR session.


Syntax:UPRGetMetaInfo playback
  • playback: String or Unit - Can be a path to a recording - either absolute or relative (in which case the command first looks in the mission folder, and then in %userprofile%\Documents\VBS3\RecordedPaths), or a unit that is currently UPRStartPlayback a recording.
Return Value:Array - containing:
  • startPosition: PositionASL - Initial position when recording was created.
  • startDirection: Vector3D - Initial vectorDir.
  • startDirectionAside: Vector3D - Initial direction aside (vectorDir rotated 90º).
  • startDirectionUp: Vector3D - Initial vectorUp.
  • startMove: String - Initial animation.
  • startGesture: String - Initial gesture (or "<none>").
  • endPosition: PositionASL - Final position.
  • endDirection: Vector3D - Final direction.
  • endDirectionAside: Vector3D - Final direction aside.
  • endDirectionUp: Vector3D - Final vertical direction.
  • endMove: Vector3D - Final animation.
  • endGesture: Vector3D - Final gesture (or "<none>").
  • duration: Number - Length of recording (in sec).
  • map: String - worldName of map on which session was recorded.
  • unitClass: String - Class name of unit that was used for recording.
  • weapons: Array of String - List of weapons recording unit was equipped with.


_info= UPRGetMetaInfo "c:\bi\rec1.upr"
_info= UPRGetMetaInfo soldier1
Use metainfo to position AI before playback:
_info= UPRGetMetaInfo "c:\bi\rec1.upr";      // read metainfo
soldier1 setPos (_info select 0);            // apply position
soldier1 setVectorDir (_info select 1);      // apply direction
soldier1 UPRStartPlayback "c:\bi\rec1.upr";  // start the playback

Additional Information

See also: UPRGetTimelineInfo, UPRPlaybackUnits