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Description:Enables specific capabilities for a unit.

The available capabilities are:

  • FREEFALL: (default: true) If true, then a unit falling from an elevation of more than 10m above the ground switches to a parachuting animation. If false, the unit falls in regular standing animation. An already falling unit can be switched from standing to parachuting animation (by enabling "FREEFALL"), but not the other way around.
  • REBREATHER: (default: false) If true, the unit swims much faster, and is able dive underwater indefinitely. In V3.0+, diving goggles are shown from the player perspective.
  • SCUBA: (default: false) Same as "REBREATHER". A unit without "SCUBA" or "REBREATHER" capability dies after about 45 seconds underwater (not available in V3,x).
  • STEERABLEPARACHUTE: (default: false) Adds action to unit to deploy a steerable parachute. When ejecting from an aircraft, does not automatically open their regular (non-steerable) parachute, but enters the free-fall animation, until the parachute is opened manually. The "FREEFALL" capability needs to be enabled, in order for the parachute to be available.
  • SWIM: (default: true) If disabled, the unit walks underwater (or sinks to the bottom), until it is out of breath, and dies. Removing the "SWIM" capability, while the unit is swimming, has not effect until leaving and re-entering the water.

The following capabilities are available for player units in V2.08+, and require the simulation option Vehicle and Weapon Qualifications to be enabled. Vehicles whose control has been disabled, can still be entered, but Free Look is disabled, when occupying the driver seat. All of the capabilities listed below are true by default.

  • DriveWheeled: Controls the operation of vehicles of simulation type car(x). Motorcycles or bicycles (simulation type "motorcycle"), as well as wheeled UGVs, are not affected.
  • DriveTracked: Controls the operation of vehicles of simulation type tank(x). Tracked UGVs are not affected.
  • DriveRotorWing: Controls the operation of vehicles of simulation type helicopter(x). Helicopter-type UAVs are not affected.
  • DriveFixedWing: Controls the operation of vehicles of simulation type plane(x). Only affects the manual control option for fixed-wing UAVs.
  • DriveShip: Controls the operation of vehicles of simulation type ship(x).
  • FireVehicleShotShell: Controls the operation of the main guns in armored vehicles.
  • FireVehicleShotBullet: Controls the operation of machine guns in vehicles.
  • FireVehicleShotMissile: Controls the operation of missile launchers in vehicles.
  • FireVehicleShotRocket: Controls the operation of rocket launchers in vehicles.


Syntax:unit addCapability capability
  • unit: Object - Unit to enable capability for.
  • capability: String - See description above for possible options.
Return Value:Nothing


Examples:soldierOne addCapability "REBREATHER"

Additional Information

See also: removeCapability, capabilities, hasCapability