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Applies a Category VBS Command Group System Video PostProcessing to a specific camera.

The camera can be a regular, free-moving camera (as used in cut-scenes), or a camera projection onto an RTT surface (as used in objects or dialogs).

The command can be used in a "shortcut" syntax, in which an effect is created with the desired settings, and which is applied immediately. If this shortcut command is executed multiple times, then this does not lead to a "layered" effect, but only changes the effect parameters.


Syntax:camPpEffectCreate [name, priority]
Return Value:Number - Effect handle (to be used with ppEffectAdjust, ppEffectDestroy, etc.).

Alternative Syntax

Syntax:camPpEffectCreate [name, priority, enable, settings]
  • name: String - Name of Effects.
  • priority: Number - Priority, defining the application order.
  • enable: Boolean - If true, then the effect is visible right away. If false, then it has to be enabled using ppEffectEnable (it does not need a ppEffectCommit).
  • settings: Array - List of effect settings, which are applied as soon as the effect is created. The number and types or settings depend on the specific effect, and can be looked up in the Effects.
Return Value:Number - Effect handle.


_effHdl = _rttCam camPpEffectCreate ["FilmGrain", 100]
_effHdl = _rttCam camPpEffectCreate ['FilmGrain', 100, true, [0.1, 0.1, 1, 1, 1, true]]
_cameff = tstcam camPpEffectCreate ['DynamicBlur', 100, true, [3]];

The effect can also be created using the "longform" syntax, in which case, the command is first created, and then the parameters are defined (ppEffectAdjust), and the effect is committed (ppEffectCommit):

_hdl = _tstcam camPpEffectCreate ["DynamicBlur",100];
_hdl ppEffectEnable true;
_hdl ppEffectAdjust [3];
_hdl ppEffectCommit 0;

Additional Information

See also: ppEffectAdjust, ppEffectEnable, ppEffectCommit, ppEffectDestroy
Problems:Any effects applied to a camera are not destroyed, when either the dialog is closed or the camera is deleted. Instead, they are applied to the player view. In order to prevent that, the effect should be destroyed manually, using ppEffectDestroy.