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Controls the Thermal Imaging (TI) mode for the specified camera.
Camera must be in camSetSensorType, for the command to have an effect.

By default, setting the mode using setTIMode affects all the cameras, but can be overridden by using camSetTiMode for a specific camera. If camSetTiMode is set to -1, the override is turned off again, and the setting from setTIMode is used.

Available modes:


Syntax:camera camSetTIMode [mode, blur, autoBC, coef, brightness, contrast, roi]
  • camera: Object - Either an external or an RTT camera.
  • mode: Number - TI Modes to activate (0 to 7). If set to -1, the TI mode set with setTIMode is used.
  • blur: Number - Blur level (0-1) (optional, default: 0).
  • autoBC: Boolean - If true, then brightness and contrast are set automatically (overriding any manually set values) (optional, default: true).
  • coef: Number - Brightness and contrast coefficient (0-inf) (optional, default: 1).
  • brightness: Number - Brightness (0-60) (optional, default: 20).
  • contrast: Number - Contrast (0-30) (optional, default: 30).
  • roi: Array - Region Of Interest (ROI) on the screen for auto brightness and contrast analysis ([left, right, top, bottom]) (optional, default for the whole screen: [0, 0, 1, 1]) (V17.4.0+).
Return Value:Nothing


_cam camSetTIMode [7]
Set both brightness and contrast automatically:
_cam camSetTIMode [1,0.5,false,1,10,20,[0.45,0.45,0.55,0.55]]
Set brightness automatically, control contrast manually:
_cam camSetTIMode [1,0.5,[true,false],1,10,20,[0.45,0.45,0.55,0.55]]

Additional Information

See also: camGetTiMode, camPpEffectCreate, setCamUseTi, setTIMode, setTIAutoBCROI