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Description:Creates the crater and particle effects of an explosion at the location specified. No damage is done (use the createIndirectDamage command for that).


Syntax:createCrater [craterModel, position, markers, placement, asl, timeToLive, size, effectsType, effectsTimeToLive]
  • craterModel: String - class name of the crater model (the class needs to have simulation="crater") or an empty string to use the default model. Prior to version 3.8, this parameter was ignored.
  • position: Position3D - position to create crater, or center of random radius
  • markers: Array - array of markers upon which to create the crater (use [] if you just want to use position)
  • placement: Number - crater will be created randomly this many meters away from position
  • asl: Boolean - is position above sea level? False for above ground level.
  • timeToLive: Number - crater will disappear after this many seconds
  • size: Number - size multiplier; crater will be this many times the size of the default crater size
  • effectsType: String - class of particle effects to display (use "" for none)
  • effectsTimeToLive: Number - time to live for crater effects
Return Value:Object


_crater = createCrater ["vbs_crater_underground", getpos player, [], 10, false, 60000, 0.25, "", 0] 

Additional Information

See also: createIndirectDamage
Multiplayer:The crater is only created LOCALLY on the client where this command is issued.
This means the command must be run on all clients in order for all clients to see the crater.
Note that if random placement is used to create the crater (see markers and placement parameters), the random location will be different on each client.