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Description:Initiates an indirect damage at the specified position.
  • V1.24+: Craters are created on all the clients in a network session, and the command accepts 3 optional parameters controlling the effects of damage, appearance of particles, and craters.
  • V1.30+: The command accepts an additional optional parameter to specify that damage should only be applied to units and vehicles.



Syntax:createIndirectDamage [position, damage, range, particles, craters, nodamage, nodamageentities]
  • position: Position3D - Position of the indirect damage initiated.
  • damage: Number - Strength of the indirect damage. Preventing damaging objects cannot be done by reducing the damage parameter, since the size of explosion, crater, and terrain deformation depend on the strength of indirect damage. To prevent damaging, the nodamage parameter should be set to true.
  • range: Number - Range of the indirect damage.
  • particles: Boolean - Disable particle effects (optional, default: false).
  • craters: Boolean - Disable creation of crater. Particle effects depend on the craters parameter. By disabling craters, particles are also disabled, but disabling particles does not have any effect on craters (optional, default: false).
  • nodamage: Boolean - Disable damage effects on all objects (optional, default: false).
  • nodamageentities: Boolean - Disable damage effects on units and vehicles only. Overrides nodamage (optional, default: false).
Return Value:Nothing


createIndirectDamage [getpos player,10,5,true,true,false,true]

Additional Information

See also: createCrater
Multiplayer:The damage is caused on all clients over the network. This means you must take care not to run this command on all the clients at once, because it effectively multiplies the damage by the number of clients.