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Description: Creates a fixed joint between two objects with specified parameters (all 6 DOFs locked).
For more information on other joints see createJointExt


Syntax: objects createJointExt jointParameters
  • objects: Array - [fromObj,toObj]
    • fromObj,toObj: Object - both connected objects
  • jointParameters: Array - ["FixedJoint",fromPose,toPose,misc]
    • fromPose: Array - [pos]
    • toPose: Array - [pos]
      • pos: Vector3D or String - joint connection point in model coordinates or memory point name. (default = connectionChild/connectionParent memory point or [0,0,0] if not defined)
    • misc: Array - [collisions,breakForce,projDist] - array of miscelaneous parameters
      • collisions: Boolean - Flag to determine if we want to have enabled collisions between connected objects. (default = false, range = [true,false])
      • breakForce: Number - Force needed to break a joint connection in Newtons (default = -1 ... disabled, range = <0,+inf))
Return Value: Joint


Examples: Breakable fixed joint: (VEHICLE object must have "pointForAntena" memory point defined and ANTENA object must have "connectionPoint" memory point defined)
jointType = "FixedJoint";
fromPose = ["pointForAntena"];
toPose = ["connectionPoint"];
misc = [false,10];
MyJoint = [VEHICLE,ANTENA] createJointExt [jointType,fromPose,toPose,misc];
Default non-breakable fixed joint: (any truck and trailer can be used for a quick test)
jointType = "FixedJoint";
MyJoint = [TRUCK,TRAILER] createJointExt [jointType];

Additional Information

See also: createJointExt, deleteJointExt