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Description:Creates a series of waves around a center point. Up to 8 waves are created (as long as the specified duration allows their creation).


Syntax:createWaterDisturbance [position, amplitude, speed, duration]
  • position: Position2D - Must only contain the [x,y] coordinates. Otherwise, the command does not work.
  • amplitude: Number - Strength of surface ripples (not the wave height itself - the height is always the same). The higher the number, the smoother the surface. Approximate range for realistic effects: -10 to 10 (a positive value creates a wave that is higher than the water surface, a negative value causes it to be lower, but in practical terms, the difference is nearly impossible to distinguish).
  • speed: Number - Speed at which wave spreads (in m/sec), applied to the diameter of the circular wave, so the actual speed at which a wave moves into one direction is twice the specified value. Approximate range for realistic effects: 0.2 to 1.
  • duration: Number - For how long the wave should spread out (in seconds). When reaching the last 20% of the specified time, the wave starts to fade out.
Return Value:Nothing


for "_i" from -10 to 10 step 3 do {
  createWaterDisturbance [[(getpos player select 0)+_i,(getpos player select 1)+5],2,1,2]

Additional Information

See also: waterImpulse