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Orders the given unit(s) to move to the given position (without radio messages). After reaching its destination, the unit immediately returns to formation (if in a group), or orders its group to form around its new position (if a group leader).

If issued to the crew of a vehicle, doMove has to be applied to the effectiveCommander of the vehicle.

V3.5+: If the command is issued for a position the unit is moving to already, it is ignored (so multiple doMove commands can be executed in a loop, without the unit getting stuck).


Syntax:unit(s) doMove position
Return Value:Nothing


_soldier1 doMove (position officer)
this doMove (getMarkerPos "Marker1")

Additional Information

See also: commandMove, setDestination, moveTo, move, addWaypoint, fn vbs doMoveEx, setExactMovement, getExactMovement


Posted on February 9, 2008
If doMove is to be used in conjunction with waypoint behavior commands (e.g. setSpeedMode), then those have to be issued after the move command to have an effect. Otherwise the move will be done with the default settings.

Posted on February 3, 2009
General Barron
If a unit is part of a group, and is not the leader, the unit will fall back into formation soon after the doMove is completed. This does not happen for units that are in a group alone (because they are their own leader).

To move single members of a group, use the fn vbs doMoveEx function.