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Description:Orders the given unit(s) to stop (without radio messages). Units on whom the command is executed leave the group formation. It prevents a unit from moving around with its group (or formation leader), while still being able to turn around and move to a new position, if it sees fit. It still responds to orders from its group leader (such as engage, rearm, board a vehicle), but all of its actions are separate from the group formation (unless ordered to return, which AI leaders do not do unless a script tells them to).


Syntax:doStop unit(s)
Return Value:Nothing


doStop _soldier1

Additional Information

See also: commandStop, stop


Posted on August 3, 2006 - 14:32
Notes from before the conversion:

This command will make the unit stop where he is until the unit's group engages the enemy. At that time, the unit will move and fight the enemy. One good use for this is to place a bunch of units in the same group around a campfire or in some other place "for looks", and make them sit down or have their weapon on their back. When the enemy is spotted, they will get up and attack. Note that you cannot do something like place somebody behind sandbags and keep him there during a fight with this command. For that you will need disableAI "move".

In ArmA 1.14, this command will not stop a unit that has been given a move order by selecting the unit, then clicking on the in game map (or ground).