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Description:Export all map objects into a shapefile. The files are stored in the user profile export folder, with the extension .dbf, .shp and .shx (each one for objects and for roads).

If the UTM zone for the map is defined (not -1) a .prj file is created as well.

For every object the following information is exported (forests are considered to be an object, powerlines and rocks are currently not included):

  • Bounding box
  • Height above ground (average value for forests)
  • Types such as buildings, forests, roads
  • Class name
  • P3D model name

For every road segment, the following information is exported:

  • Class name
  • P3D model name
  • Width


Syntax:exportSHP [filenameObjects, filenameRoads, filter]
  • filenameObjects: String - File name for objects lists.
  • filenameRoads: String - File name for roads lists (must be different from filenameObjects).
  • filter: Number - Object filter (V3.10+).
    Multiple filters can be combined by adding their associated numbers (optional, if omitted, then all objects are listed):
    • 1: Tree
    • 2: SmallTree
    • 4: Bush
    • 8: Building
    • 16: House
    • 2048: Rock
    • 1048576: Fence
    • 2097152: Wall
    • 16777216: Road
    • 33554432: Forest
    • 2147483648: Track
    • 4294967296: MainRoad
    • 8589934592: Rocks
    • 17179869184: PowerLines
Return Value:Boolean


_shp = exportSHP ["objects_list", "roads_list"]

Export only rocks, bushes, and trees (2048+4+1=2053):
_rbt = exportSHP ["objects_list", "roads_list",2053]

Additional Information

See also: exportMapSHP, exportEMF, exportASCIIGrid, exportMap