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Description:Scans through all the turrets on a UAV and returns the feed types available on that UAV.
Syntax:[veh] call fn_vbs_getUAVModuleLinks
Return Value:Array - An array of turrets in the following format:
  • turretIndex: Number - The turret index.
  • moduleLinks: Array - An array of strings representing supported module links (or feeds).

When using functions in VBS versions older than 3.4, certain limitations and requirements should be kept in mind - the main ones being that capitalization of the function name is crucial, and that #include "\vbs2\headers\function_library.hpp" has to be included in every script that utilizes it. More Category VBS Scripting Functions.

_feeds = [_predatorUAV1] call fn_vbs_getUAVModuleLinks; 
See also: fn vbs isUnmannedVehiclefn_vbs_controlLink