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Description:Returns a list of arrays, containing information about each seat in the vehicle:
  • type: String - Proxy type. Can be "driver", "gunner", "commander" or "cargo".
  • position: Position3D - Seat position in model space (relative to the vehicle).
  • cargoID: Number - Index of cargo position.
  • unit: Object - Unit occupying that seat. objNull if empty.
  • turret: Array - Turret path. For non-gunner positions this element is not returned.

Note: This command does not work with GAME content. You can use fn vbs getCrewPos instead, which fixes this problem.


Syntax:getCrewPos vehicle
  • vehicle: Object - Vehicle to check.
Return Value:Array - The same position can appear twice, since it may have more than one position type. This means that the number of elements in the array can be bigger than the number of vehicle positions. For example, if a cargo seat is also a gunner seat (if it has the turn-out ability), it is listed twice.


_crewPositions = getCrewPos (vehicle player)

Mission to visualize crew positions:

Additional Information

See also: turretUnit, assignedVehicleRole, crew, fn vbs findCargoPos


Posted on Jan 21, 2011
Since getCrewPos does not currently return any "commander" roles, only "driver", "gunner" & "cargo", you will have to use the commander command to find him.