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Creates a hint dialog with the given title and text.

If no title is defined, then the confirmation popup only shows the hint message, and the simulation stops, until the Continue button is clicked, or Esc or Space is pressed. If a title is defined, then first a confirmation popup shows, with the text of the title. The simulation continues, and the player can move freely. Once Esc is pressed, the confirmation dialog disappears, and a regular hint message is shown, with the title in the first line, and the hint message preceded by a bullet point.

In regular text, \n will create a line break. In structured text, <br/> has to be used.


Syntax:hintC text
  • text: String - Text shown in the confirmation and hint dialogs.
Return Value:Nothing

Alternative Syntax

Syntax:title hintC text
  • title: String - Title message shown in the first confirmation dialog.
  • text: String, Structured_Text or Array - Text shown in the hint dialog. The array can contain either regular or structured text (or a mix of both).
Return Value:Nothing


Simple hint without title text:
hintC "Press W to move forward"
Output an array of strings, with a title message:
"Movement commands" hintC ["Press W to move forward","Press S to move backward"]
Output mixed array of strings and structured text:
"Title" hintC ["Line 1",parseText "<t size='1.5' color='#ff0000'>Line 2</t>","Line 3"]

Additional Information

See also: hint, hintCadet, Structured_Text