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Reads a custom SX file, and re-creates the foliage or snow cover for the current map.

If a biotope file cannot be loaded, VBS loads an empty biotope (before V18.1) or displays a warning message (in V18.1+).

Example biotope file, to create snow:

For how to create custom biotopes, see Biotope Creation in the VBS Developer Reference.


Syntax:loadBiotope file
  • file : String - File name of biotope definition (SX file) to load.

    Biotope is not loaded, if file does not exist (V3.9.3+).
    Special keywords (since V3.9.3 to V17.4):

    "" - Temporarily clears the biotope. If done prior to mission save, the map default biotope is used on mission load.
    "none" - Forces empty biotope.
    "map" - Loads default map biotope.

    Special keywords (in V18.1+):

    "" - Forces empty biotope. If done prior to mission save, empty biotope remains on load (the same as the "none" keyword).
    "none" - Forces empty biotope.
    "map" - Loads default map biotope.
    "mission" - Loads biotope saved in current mission file.
Return Value:Nothing


Load an existing snow biotope from the VBS installation folder (alternatively, you can specify the path to a custom biotope .sx file):
loadBiotope "<VBS3 Installation Folder>\biotopes\" // Replace <VBS3 Installation Folder> with your VBS3 installation folder
Loads original map biotope:
loadBiotope "map"
Loads biotope stored in current mission:
loadBiotope "mission"
Clears biotope:
loadBiotope "none"

Additional Information

See also: GetBiotopeFilePath, getBiotope, setBiotope, getBiotopeComponents, isBiotopeComponentSnow, biotopeCommit