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Description: Assigns or updates the post-processing effect assigned to Location. The effect becomes active when the main camera is inside the Location.

To disable the effect at the location, use ppEffectLoaction with an empty effect array as a parameter (see syntax).

Note I: Only one effect may be assigned to one location.

Note II: Applies only locally. Use publicExec to synchronize the effects in the network.

The following effects are available (see Effects for details):

  • "RadialBlur"
  • "ChromAberration"
  • "WetDistortion"
  • "ColorCorrections"
  • "DynamicBlur"
  • "FilmGrain"
  • "ColorInversion"
  • "SSAO"
  • "HeatHaze"


Syntax: location ppEffectLocation ["effectName", [effectParam1,effectParam2,....,effectParamN]]
  • location: Location - Location to assign a post-processing effect to.
  • effectName: String - Name of the post-processing effect to be assigned to location.
  • effectParams: Array - Array of Number type parameters for the post-processing effect.
Return Value: Nothing


Examples: myLocation = createLocation ["NameVillage", [4035,2151,10], 100, 100];

myLocation ppEffectLocation ["HeatHaze",[1,2,3,4....,]]; // Assign or update effect in location

myLocation ppEffectLocation []; // Remove effect from location

Additional Information

See also: ppEffectCreate, ppEffectDestroy, ppEffectCommit, ppEffectAdjust, ppEffectParams