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Description:Increments a profile counter, to use with a telemetry visualizer.

Note: Telemetry is a plugin that requires a license and download from RAD Game Tools. For more information see

Counters are global for all scripts, and are reset to 0 at the end of each frame. To show the counter, open the timeline tab of the visualizer, click Show Plots, and select the name of the counters to display.

In order to use VBS with the visualizer, it has to be started with the following command-line arguments: -profiling -telemetry=localhost

It is also recommended to use -telemetryPause, so that the visualizer starts in a paused mode. The telemetry software (viz64.exe, viz64.key, telemetry32c.dll) have to be installed in the \lib subfolder of the VBS3 root folder.


Syntax:profileCounterAdd [name, value]
  • name: String - Counter name.
  • value: Number - Value to add to the profile counter (only valid for one frame). If the counter does not exist yet, this value is the initial value.
Return Value:Nothing


Counter "tc2" is set to 2 for 11 frames:
for "_i" from 0 to 10 do {
  profileCounterAdd ["loop",_i];
  sleep .0001;

May show up like this in the visualizer:

Additional Information

See also: profileScope