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Description:Removes unit body parts.

Proportional to the removed part, blood stains are applied to the unit.

Arms and legs can be removed in two stages.

Possible values for removal of body parts are:

  • "Arm_Left_Half": Remove left hand.
  • "Arm_Right_Half": Remove right hand.
  • "Leg_Left_Half": Remove lower left leg.
  • "Leg_Right_Half": Remove lower right leg.
  • "Head": Remove head.
  • "Arm_Left_Full": Remove left arm.
  • "Arm_Right_Full": Remove right arm.
  • "Leg_Left_Full": Remove left leg.
  • "Leg_Right_Full": Remove right leg.

Possible values for re-attachment of body parts are:

  • "Head_Reset": Re-attach head.
  • "Arm_Left_Reset": Re-attach left arm.
  • "Arm_Right_Reset": Re-attach right arm.
  • "Leg_Left_Reset": Re-attach left leg.
  • "Leg_Right_Reset": Re-attach right leg.

Removal of body parts has no effect on the health status of that unit (a person without a head remains alive, and a person without legs can still walk). The mission designer has to ensure that these effects are applied in a realistic fashion. Amputations are currently only implemented in certain unit classes (V1.50+: US Army and USMC).

To determine whether a unit supports amputations, check whether the following test returns 1:

_canAmputate = getNumber(configFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeof soldier1 >> "hasAmputations") // The name of the tested unit is "soldier1" in the example


Syntax:unit setAmputation bodypart (V1.50+)
  • unit: Object - Affected unit.
  • bodypart : String - Body part to remove.
Return Value:Nothing

Alternative Syntax

Syntax:unit setAmputation [bodypart, segment] (V1.40+)
  • unit: Object - Affected unit.
  • bodypart: String - Main body part. Can be: "head", "leftarm", "rightarm", "leftleg", "rightleg".
  • segment: String - Segment of specified body part. Can be: "head", "lefthand", "leftforearm", "righthand", "rightforearm", "leftfoot", "leftuplegroll", "rightfoot", "rightuplegroll".
Return Value:Nothing


soldier1 setAmputation "Arm_Left_Full";
soldier1 setAmputation "Leg_Right_Half";

Body parts which are removed with the specified selection.

Additional Information

See also: getAmputation