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Description:Draws ink-spots in AAR to indicate the time a unit is stationary.


Syntax:unit setDrawStationary [drawType, maxSize, growRate, [color, offset]]
  • unit: Object - Unit for which inkspot is being defined.
  • drawType: Number - Type of marker to draw, options can be added together ex: ( 1 + 2 + 4 ). Possible values are:
  • 0: no drawing
    • 1: 2D drawing on,
    • 2: 3D drawing on (disc by default).
    • 4: Switches 3D drawing to a cloud (instead of disc, 2 must be set to be visible).
  • maxSize: Number - Maximum size of the mark in meters (optional, default: 2).
  • growRate: Number - Growth rate of the mark in meters per second (optional, default: 0.03).
  • color: Color - 2D and 3D marker color (optional, default: [0,0,1,.7]). Alpha value is optional. If color array is empty, the default color set by VBS2.cfg is used (V1.31+).
  • offset: Number - Offsets the default 3D disc representation above ground by the given value in meters (optional, default: 0.1).
Return Value:Nothing


This starts to draw a completely opaque green mark ([0,1,0,1]) in both 3D and 2D (1 + 2), once the unit is stationary. The 3D mark is a disc (2) offset by half a meter (0.5) from the ground. The mark grows at a rate of 0.01667 meters per second, up to a maximum size of 15 meters:
player setDrawStationary [ 1 + 2, 15, 0.01667, [[0,1,0,1], 0.5]];

Additional Information

See also: drawStationary