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Description:Controls the visibility of a video mask, and defines its alpha and color settings.

The mask covers all elements that are defined in setRenderMasked with the specified, solid color. The setting is persistent between mission restarts.


Syntax:setRenderMasking [mask, alpha, color]
  • mask: Boolean - If true, then masking effects are applied to the objects specified in setRenderMasked. If false, then any existing effects are turned off.
  • alpha: Number - A reduction factor applied to alpha effects (for example, smoke). Range is from 0 to 1, with a value of 0 making the smoke the most visible and largest, and 1 making it invisible.
  • color: Color - Color that is applied to the mask.
Return Value:Nothing


Ground is masked in red, and a 0.1 alpha factor applied to the smoke grenade:

setRenderMasking [true, .1, [255,0,0]];
"ground" setRenderMasked true;

Additional Information

See also: setRenderMasked

Independently from the chosen masking color, there might be some pink edges around objects that cover the masked area, so if detailed edges are required, it is advisable to use the default pink color [255,0,255] for masking, to better blend with these artifacts: