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This command / function has no effect and / or is disabled in VBS4.

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Changes all the snow nodes within the specified radius to the defined height.

A snow biotope must be loadBiotope, for the command to have an effect.


Syntax:setSnowHeightRadius [pos, radius, centerHeight, edgeHeight, network]
  • pos1: Position-2 - Center of area to modify.
  • radius: Number - Radius around the center, which is affected.
  • centerHeight: Number - Height modification at the center of the circle (positive values increase the snow height, negative values decrease it).
  • edgeHeight: Number - Height modification at the edge of the circle. While the ultimate edge of the affected area is always on the same level as the original terrain, the difference between edgeHeight and centerHeight determines how steep the drop-off is at the edges (see examples below).
  • network: Boolean - If true, then changes are propagated through the network. If false, then change is local (optional, default: false).
Return Value:Nothing


setSnowHeightRadius [[8000,2000],30,20,2];

Effects of different height parameters:

setSnowHeightRadius [getMarkerPos "m1",20,10,0];  // left
setSnowHeightRadius [getMarkerPos "m2",20,10,5];  // middle
setSnowHeightRadius [getMarkerPos "m3",20,10,10]; // right

Additional Information

See also:setSnowHeightArea, resetSnowHeights
Problems:V3.6: This command cannot be used to create snow over areas that are normally not covered (for example, roads or runways).