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This command / function has no effect and / or is disabled in VBS4.

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Sets the rendering parameters for TI / NV views.

To reset the parameters to their defaults, call the command with an empty array (for example, "road" setThermalParameters []).


Syntax:world setThermalParameters [air, black, white]
  • world: String - Must be world, for use with the following parameters.
  • air: Number - Air temperature (practical range: -30 to 60).
  • black: Number - Temperature delta for black surfaces.
  • white: Number - Temperature delta for white surfaces.
Return Value:Nothing

Alternative Syntax

Syntax:objects setThermalParameters [htMin, htMax, afMax, mfMax, mFact, tBody]
  • objects: String or Object - Object type to apply parameters to. Can be: "terrain", "grass", "stone", "road", or a specific object.
  • htMin: Number - Minimum half-cooling time (in seconds).
  • htMax: Number - Maximum half-cooling time (in seconds).
  • afMax: Number - Maximum temperature in case the model is alive (in Celsius).
  • mfMax: Number - Maximum temperature when the model is moving (in Celsius).
  • mFact: Number - Metabolism factor - Number from interval <0, 1> (0 - metabolism has no influence, 1 - metabolism has full influence, no other temperature source will be considered). Value can be also negative, which means the calculated object metabolism is not considered, and instead the absolute value is used as the factor (for example, a value of -1 means the tBody temperature is used for displaying). Metabolism can be also used for guns and tanks; in that case, it controls the heat created by firing (the main gun).
  • tBody: Number - Metabolism temperature of the model (in Celsius).
Return Value:Nothing


"world" setThermalParameters [30,0,0];

Additional Information

See also:getThermalParameters, setTIContrast, setTIOverride