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Changes the waypoint type.


Syntax:waypoint setWaypointType type
  • waypoint: Waypoint
  • type: String - For the full list of waypoint types available in your version of VBS, see Appendix 1 - Waypoint Types in the VBS3 Editor Manual. 

    Waypoint types include the following:

    • "MOVE": Group moves to the specified location.
    • "GETIN": Group mounts a vehicle.
    • "JOIN": Group merges with other group (which becomes the leader).
    • "LEADER": Group merges with other group (and become the leader).
    • "GETOUT": Group dismounts from a vehicle.
    • "CYCLE": The nearest group waypoint becomes the current group waypoint.
    • "LOAD": Vehicle loads nearby units.
    • "UNLOAD": Group members in cargo are unloaded from the vehicle.
    • "TR UNLOAD": Units in cargo (which are of a different group) are unloaded from the vehicle.
    • "HOLD": Group stays at a position, until the waypoint type is switched, using an SQF script.
    • "SENTRY": Group stays at the waypoint, until it has identified any present enemies.
    • "GUARD": Used in conjunction with "Guarded by" triggers, to protect a specified area.
    • "TALK": Group leader moves its lips, and voices any phrases selected in the "Effects" section.
    • "SCRIPTED": Defined script is executed, and group skips to the next waypoint.
    • "GETIN NEAREST": Group mounts a vehicle that is within 50m.
    • "DISMISS": Groups split and move in random directions.
    • "LAND": Aircraft land at the nearest possible position.
    • "LOITER": Aircraft fly in circles around the waypoint (requires setWaypointLoiterType definition).
    • "TAXI": Maneuver the aircraft to / from runway / helipad.
    • "RETREAT": AI prioritize moving over anything else (similar to fleeing), but do so under the same conditions as Combat behavior with a Move waypoint (V3.8+).
    • "AND": Waypoint is only completed, if all synchronized GameLogic waypoints return true.
    • "OR": waypoint is completed, if any of the synchronized GameLogic waypoints return true.
Return Value:Nothing


_grp = group _unitName;
[_grp, 2] setWaypointType "HOLD";

Additional Information

See also: waypointType, setWaypointLoiterType