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Defines the strength and direction of wind.

Wind affects vegetation (for example, trees sway, bushes and grass bends), and particles (for example, snow and smoke), but does not affect rain or projectiles (for example, bullets or rockets). While wind does not affect units or aircraft in free fall, it cause parachutists to drift off.

The wind direction is defined as a vector for X and Y, where positive values for X cause the wind to blow towards the east, and positive values for Y cause the wind to blow towards the north, as illustrated in the following diagram:


Syntax:setWind [x, y, static, immediate]
  • x: Number - X-value of the wind direction vector (wind speed is defined in m/s).
  • y: Number - Y-value of the wind direction vector. 
  • static: Boolean - If true, then wind direction and strength do not change over time (local gusts are still present).
  • immediate: Boolean - If true, then changes are applied immediately (optional, default: false) (V2.04+)
Return Value:Nothing


Very strong, static, winds blowing towards the east:
setWind [10, 0, true];

Light, variable, winds blowing northeast, applied immediately:
setWind [5, 5, false, true];

Wind effects at different strengths:

Additional Information

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