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Description:Shows the loading screen with the given text or a custom dialog.

While the loading screen is shown, the simulation and scene drawing is disabled; scripts run normally.

Due to the fact that the simulation is disabled, while the loading screen is active, no sleep statement should be issued, as that would lock up VBS. Use uiSleep instead, which runs independently from the simulation status. If a user dialog is shown using the alternative syntax, then the screen is covered in a dark blue background, on top of which the user dialog is displayed. This dialog can have any regular dialog controls, but in order to indicate a loading progress (using progressLoadingScreen), it must contain a Dialogs ProgressBar with an IDC of 103. How much of this bar is visible is controlled directly by the engine, depending on the current value of progressLoadingScreen.


Syntax:startLoadingScreen [text]
  • text: String - Text to display in the lower left corner, while a standard VBS2 background image is shown.
Return Value:Nothing

Alternative Syntax

Syntax:startLoadingScreen [text, dialog]
Return Value:Nothing


startLoadingScreen ["Loading My Mission, please wait..."];
startLoadingScreen ["Can't skip loading time...", "MyLoadingRsc"];


Additional Information

See also: endLoadingScreen, progressLoadingScreen