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Description: Type text to vehicle radio channel.

If the player is in a crew seat (i.e. driver, gunner or commander), then that role will be included in the chat name output (e.g. Driver (your_name): "Message"). Normal cargo seats will show no role designator, and cargo gunner seats will show up as "Cargo".


Syntax: vehicle vehicleChat message
  • vehicle: Object - Vehicle whose crew should receive the message.
  • message: String
Return Value: Nothing


(vehicle player) vehicleChat "Show this text"

Additional Information

See also: globalChat, groupChat, sideChat, systemChat
Multiplayer:As the effect of this command is local, the message will only show on the sender's PC. To make it visible on all connected clients, it has to be publicExec'ed.
Problems:In V2.x no role information is shown in the chat sender info, when the command is issued from the driver's seat