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Description: Suspends execution of a script until the condition returns true.

If the command is called in a function, the calling script will be suspended as well, as it waits for the function to return.

Unlike the while command, the cycle speed of waitUntil is fairly low (~50 cycles/sec), so it can be run without a sleep statement, and not lock up VBS.

The end condition can be preceded by a script block which will be executed until the condition is fulfilled.

waitUntil will throw a generic error if you run it in an unscheduled environment.

waitUntil {
  hint "Destroy the tank";
  !(alive tank1)

An ongoing loop can be exited via the exitWith command:

waitUntil {
  hint "Destroy the tank";
  if (count units group player<2) exitWith {
    hint "Your group is too small to complete the task!";
  sleep 1;
  !(alive tank1)


Syntax: waitUntil {condition}
  • condition: Code - Condition that has to return true, for loop to end. Can be preceded by executable code.
Return Value: Nothing


Examples: Waits until 'tank1' has been destroyed:
waitUntil {not alive tank1}
Waits until less than 3 OPFORs are left:
waitUntil {
  _count = {side _x==east}count allUnits;
  hint format["%1 OPFORs left",_count];
  _count < 3

Additional Information

See also: while, exitWith, Control Structures


Posted on April 2, 2010 - 17:10
If WaitUntil uses an undefined call code, WaitUntil won't release, even when this code is separated from other conditions through or. Be warned that this won't cause an error message.