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Description:Sets the respawn parameters for a specific vehicle (MP only).

Requires the respawn option in the Respawn class of description.ext (see Scripting with description.ext in the VBS3 Scripting Manual) to be set to 3, and a marker to define the respawn area. The old, destroyed vehicle stays at its original location, and a new vehicle is created at a random location within the marker area.

The marker has to have a specific name, to designate the respawn location for the different sides:

  • west: "respawn_vehicle_west"
  • east: "respawn_vehicle_east"
  • resistance: "respawn_vehicle_guerilla"
  • civilian: "respawn_vehicle_civilian"


Syntax:vehicle respawnVehicle [delay, count]
  • vehicle: Object - Vehicle to respawn.
  • delay: Number.  - Delay (in seconds), until the vehicle is respawned (default: -1) (use respawnDelay from respawnDelay from description.ext).
  • count: Number. Maximum  - Maximum number of respawns (optional, default: 0 - unlimited).
Return Value:Nothing


'car1' respawns after 5 seconds (and no more than 3 times):
car1 respawnVehicle [5, 3];

'car1' respawns after 30 seconds for an unlimited number of times:
car1 respawnVehicle [30];

Additional Information

See also: respawn
Multiplayer:The respawned vehicle remains local to the client, who was the last driver of the vehicle or the client, who was the leader of the last AI driver of the vehicle. If the vehicle has yet to be driven or the AI driver is local to the server, then the respawned vehicle is local to the server.