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Description: Applies an velocityAng of a vehicle (i.e. a direction change).
For how long this velocity will be experienced depends on several factors, e.g. the initially applied velocity, the terrain, and the angular damping properties of the vehicle. Some vehicles (e.g. planes) have a very high damping defined, and the velocity there may seems like an instantaneous and only momentary effect, whereas for other types of vehicles (e.g. boats) that have a very low damping by the vehicle itself and its environment (water), the same applied velocity may go on for several seconds.


Syntax: vehicle setVelocityAng [x, y, z]
  • vehicle: Object
  • [x, y, z]: Vector3D - Change of direction for [x,y,z] in m/sec.
    • For x (pitch), positive means down, negative means up
    • For y (roll), positive means left, negative means right
    • For z (yaw), positive means left, negative means right
A value of 0 will instantaneously stop any ongoing movement for the specific vector.
Return Value: Nothing


Examples: Rotates an LCM boat for about 6 seconds (or about 500º):
LCMBoat setVelocityAng [0,0,5]
Rotates an HMMWV for about 1 seconds (or about 200º):
HMMWV setVelocityAng [0,0,5]

Additional Information

See also: velocityAng, setVelocity


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