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Enables / disables traffic debug visualization.

Note: This SQF function only works with civilian vehicles created, using the Control AI - Civilian Editor Object.

The traffic debug visualization consists of the following five parts, which can be enabled separately:

  • "shape" - Displays the collision shape of the junction.
  • "entities" - Displays the intent of vehicles or pedestrians interacting with junctions.
  • "trafficLightAreas" - Displays the areas, where traffic lights are expected.
  • "trafficLightAssignment" - Displays which traffic lights are assigned to what roads or crosswalks.
  • "connections" - Displays valid paths to pass through the junction, and whether these paths are free, in use, or blocked.


Syntax:options call fn_vbsCon_civ_setTrafficDebug
  • options: Array of String - Contains the visualization options to enable. To enable all the options, use "all"; or "none", to disable all of them.
Return Value:Nothing


When using functions in VBS versions older than 3.4, certain limitations and requirements should be kept in mind - the main ones being that capitalization of the function name is crucial, and that #include "\vbs2\headers\function_library.hpp" has to be included in every script that utilizes it. More Category VBS Scripting Functions.



["connections", "entities"] call fn_vbsCon_civ_setTrafficDebug

["all"] call fn_vbsCon_civ_setTrafficDebug

["none"] call fn_vbsCon_civ_setTrafficDebug

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