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Allows an administrator to load a vehicle to a vehicle with a configured cargo space.

Note: Also works for vehicles with scripted cargo spaces, set up using fn_vbs_SetupCargoAreaForVehicle.

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[cv, cargoSpace, lv] call fn_vbs_loadVehicleToVehicleHold

  • cv: Object - Cargo vehicle to load onto.
  • cargoSpace: String - Configured name of the cargo space. For all currently configured cargo vehicles, the cargo space name "CargoCompartment_01" is always used.
  • lv: Object - Vehicle to load.
Return Value:Boolean - Returns true, if loaded successfully; false, otherwise.

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When using functions in VBS versions older than 3.4, certain limitations and requirements should be kept in mind — the main ones being that capitalization of the function name is crucial, and that #include "\vbs2\headers\function_library.hpp" has to be included in every script that utilizes it.

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[c1, "CargoCompartment_01", v1] call fn_vbs_loadVehicleToVehicleHold

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See also:fn_vbs_unloadVehicleFromVehicleHold, fn_vbs_SetupCargoAreaForVehicle

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